Beautiful phrases for tattoos

If you are thinking of tattoo phrases on your skin, you should think about it. A tattoo is something that will accompany you for life and for this reason should be a tattoo that you like and looking at him makes… Continue Reading

Tattoo Pencil: He would do it

Tattoo pencil. Today I saw an ad on television; Speaks of a small great invention with which they have composed symphonies, drawn works of art and written poems that are part of universal literature. I have felt the spark of… Continue Reading

Tattoos of improvement: Remember that you managed to go ahead

  Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful motives that can lead us to get a tattoo is the fact of capturing our skin that we have been able to face and overcome one of the various vital problems that we… Continue Reading

Sun tattoos, a symbol of fertility and authority

Sun tattoos. The Sun has been an important symbol of power since antiquity. And is that the star king of our solar system gives us life (and can also remove it). There are many people who see our star as… Continue Reading

Snowflake tattoo-Christmas is here

Recently my partner Maria Jose showed us an interesting compilation of Christmas tattoos. And is that, just go for a walk in any city or town to realize that the holiday season are already here. On this occasion, I would… Continue Reading